Intrepid Group provides online and live, on-site courses covering numerous topics ranging from understanding the structure and motivations of radical Islamist organizations to investigative strategies and assistance in creating HUMINT (Human Intelligence) networks.

Any training regarding Muslims, Islam, and Islamist radicalism can only be as good as the knowledge and direct experiences of the instructors. Mr. Forrest and Mr. Fairchild have both lived alone and unsupported among Muslim tribes where they acquired direct experience of Islam and its people.

Based on their direct knowledge of the Muslim culture and people, and Islamist terrorism, Mr. Forrest and Mr. Fairchild created the following live, on-site courses, most of which will appear in Intrepid Group’s online tutorials:

  • 5-day Operator’s Course

  • Global Insurgency, Al Qaeda, and the Islamist Underground in the U.S.

  • Middle Eastern/Southwest Asian Tribes and Counterinsurgency/Counterterrorism Operations

  • Middle Eastern Culture/Southwest Asia: Tribal and Islamic Values and Etiquette

  • Intelligence Analysis and Source Development

  • The Muslim Brotherhood and the International Islamist Movement

  • How Clandestine Cells Operate

Mr. Forrest and Mr. Fairchild are also available for speaking engagements.

If you are interested in engaging Intrepid Group to request these services, please contact us.