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Our site is designed to be an educational resource on the international Salafi-Jihad movement.  Currently, we are the only site on the Web that provides this kind of education via tutorial videos. 

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  • Al Qaeda's Security Saavy
  • Al Qaeda's Myth of Delusion Expose' of American Intelligence Practices


  • Intelligence Treasure Troves
  • Wikileaks and the Muslim Brothers
  • Wikileaks and Sunni Shia Cooperation
  • Wikileaks and Counter Intelligence Benefits to Al Qaeda


  • Radicalization of American Muslims:  Muslim American Society
  • Muslim American Society and Yusuf al Qaradawi
  • Radicalization of American Muslims:  Islamic Circle of North America
  • Al Qaeda Strategy:  Abu Musab al Suri and Open Fronts


  • Introduction to Individual Jihad (Lone Wolfs)
  • Introduction:  Intelligence Analysis Tricks of the Trade
  • Intelligence Analysis:  Al Suri Article - Open Fronts
  • Intelligence Analysis:  Al Suri Article - Individual Jihad
  • The Mardin Conference Challenge to Al Qaeda
  • Al Qaeda Campaign to Discredit the Mardin Conference
  • Anwar al Awlaki:  Mardin is a Western Conspiracy Against Islam


  • The Hidden Jihad
  • The Doctrine of Tawheed
  • Salafism and the Qur'an
  • Jihad Verses in the Qur'an
  • Salafi Radicalization by Maududi and Yakan
  • Sayyid Qutb - The Karl Marx of the Salafi Jihad
  • Milestones:  The Salafi-Jihad Manifesto
  • Salafi-Jihadi Radicalization of American Muslims


  • Introduction to Al Qaeda
  • What is Al Qaeda?
  • Anwar al Awlaki
  • Al Qaeda's New Media Campaign
  • Success of the Jihad
  • Al Qaeda's Sea Change to Lone Wolfs
  • Al Qaeda's Inspire Magazine