Onsite Training Request

Take advantage of the world-class experience of Mr. Forrest and Mr. Fairchild and arrange to have them provide counter terrorism training to your organization, or to speak at your event! 

In addition to the online tutorials provided on this site, Intrepid Group also provides live, on-site courses covering numerous topics ranging from understanding the structure and motivations of radical Islamist organizations to investigative strategies and assistance in creating HUMINT (Human Intelligence) networks.

Based on their direct knowledge of the Muslim culture and people, and Islamist terrorism, Mr. Forrest and Mr. Fairchild created the following on-site courses.  Intrepid Group can also tailor courses for your specific needs:

  • 5-day Operator’s Course

  • Global Insurgency, Al Qaeda, and the Islamist Underground in the U.S.

  • Middle Eastern/Southwest Asian Tribes and Counterinsurgency/Counterterrorism Operations

  • Middle Eastern Culture/Southwest Asia: Tribal and Islamic Values and Etiquette

  • Intelligence Analysis and Source Development

  • The Muslim Brotherhood and the International Islamist Movement

  • How Clandestine Cells Operate