If you have visited other counterterrorism sites, you know that there are two types. The first type of site is usually run by former military personnel or law enforcement SWAT officers, and provides tactical training on such subjects as how to approach a suspected improvised explosive device (IED), or how to circumvent terrorist roadblocks.

The other type is normally run by journalists and scholars that provide you with lots and lots of data; they provide lists of names of terrorists, or copies of terrorist criminal cases on individuals. They provide compilations of news stories about terrorism, numerous statements of radical imams, and they report incidents of Islamist violence from around the world. A few write reports on radical organizations.

If you are not involved in physical security work, you probably tend to visit the second type of site, where you get buried by tons of data. While all that data convinces you that radical Islam is a problem, it leaves you with no real understanding of radical Islam, how it operates, how it is organized, or how wide-spread it is.

That’s where Intrepid Group Tutorials comes in. Because we are Intelligence officers and Counterinsurgency specialists, and because we’ve actually lived side by side among Muslims in Afghanistan and the Arabian Peninsula, we are able to take that mountain of information, analyze it, and then tell you what it all means and how it impacts you.

Our approach is strategic, not tactical, which means that we try to answer the big questions such as “Who are these people?” “Where did they learn their radical ideology, and what precisely is that ideology?” “How do they radicalize others?” “Why do they hate the West?” “What is their strategy?” and “Is their strategy effective?”

In addition to understanding the information, we also know how to present it so people can understand it because we’ve taught this material to well over 10,000 people on this topic since the 9/11 attacks.

We don’t train, we educate. So, if you are interested in receiving an education about the International Salafi-Jihad movement, Welcome!