Analytically Unacceptable

Contrary to the popular myth that CIA analysts have a direct line to truth and knowledge, the actual fact is that the majority of CIA’s analysts have a poor understanding of today’s complex world and no longer have the skills to conduct strategic analyses. The result is that the US government has only a superficial understanding of the world and is seemingly unable to understand the complicated issues and areas in which we operate. How did it happen? The Agency’s strategic decline began with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

PJM Article: The Central (Tactical) Intelligence Agency

The Osama bin Laden operation is the latest proof that the CIA is no longer a strategic intelligence agency.  Read it here.

Video: Brian Fairchild's Presentation at the Helms School of Government

This is a short clip from Brian Fairchild's November 15, 2010 presentation to the Strategic Intelligence Association at the Helms School of Government.


PJM Article: The Truth About Shia Iran’s Support of Sunni Arab Terrorists

Here's our newest PJM article. 

When it comes to Shia and Sunni, Islamism knows no sect.  Read all about it here.

PJM Article: Arab Revolts Improve Al-Qaeda’s Strategic Position

The terrorists are reaping the benefits from the chaos.

Read it here:

PJM Article: Eastern Libya’s Tribes, Jihadism: Did U.S. Consider Its Own Libya Intel?

Our latest article provides documented evidence that rebel areas of Libya were the greatest per capita source of foreign jihadists in Iraq and that Libya is the most tribal of the Arab/Muslim states, begging the question:  "What is our strategic interest here?"

Read it here.

Video: Israeli Navy Finds Iranian Weapons Intended for Terrorist Organizations in the Gaza Strip

Iran has been supporting Sunni terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, for many years.

Israel recently discovered this shipment of weapons from Iran to Sunni terrorist organizations in the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip.

The following is a summary of the operation provided by the Israeli Defense Forces:

PJTV Video: The Muslim Student's Association Pledge of Allegiance

Here is the MSA Pledge of Allegiance, given at the MSA West Conference held at UCLA on January 11, 2011, which is simply a restatement of the Muslim Brotherhood Creed:

PJM Article: Al-Qaeda Already Using Wikileaks Material Against Us

It was only a matter of time, but now al Qaeda is using Wikileaks material against us.  As if this isn't bad enough, our own counter terrorism officials are prohibited from accessing this same material in order to do a damage assessment of how al Qaeda can use this material to choose targets, and to counter our operations against it.  Read the article here: